Supertec STC-12 Centerless Grinder

This precision centerless grinder has a work diameter of 0.060 - 2.0 and a work rest device allowing material to advance at uniform speed, resulting in close tolerances and better finishes.

Mazak Multiplex 6200 with Mazatrol 640T Controller (2)

These multitasking CNC lathes can machine up to 2 OD bar stock and 8 OD x 9 L chuck work. With two opposing spindles, a Multiplex simultaneously performs the first and second operations, allowing a workpiece to be completed in each cycle.

Mazak Super Quick Turn 10MS with Gantry Loader

This machine has a maximum machining diameter of 9, a maximum machining length of 12 and maximum bar work diameter of 1 5/8. Additionally, a secondary 5 sub-spindle and live tooling gives this machine a unique capability to process raw material to completion without any secondary handling.

Mazak Super Quick Turn 28MS with Bar Feeder

The high-speed multi-tasking machine has a 10 chuck on the main spindle and an 8 chuck on the sub-spindle. The maximum machining length is 40 with a through spindle bore capacity of 3. With 12 tool holders and live tooling, this machine has extensive capabilities and accuracy.

Emco Maier Emcoturn 425 (2)

These CNC turning centers, each equipped with a FMB Doppel Turbo twin bar feeder, machine two parts to completion simultaneously. Each includes twin main spindles, two sub-spindles, and two turrets with live tooling, facilitating machining at both ends. The Emcoturn 425 has a maximum diameter capacity of one inch and variable length capacity.

Star SR-20R

This high speed Swiss-style automatic CNC lathe has a maximum capacity of 25/32 OD. The SR-20R includes a gang tool post with six turning, four cross working driven, four front and four back working tools. It also features an independent four-spindle attachment that permits simultaneous turning and drilling.

Star SA-12

The SA-12 is also a high speed Swiss-style automatic CNC lathe. This unit has a maximum capacity of 5/8 OD. Its gang tool post includes six cross working driven, four front and four back working tools.

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